Successful premiere!

On the 1st of October 2016 from 8h00pm to 10:00 p.m. at the Old Market, Dresden witnessed the first appearance of YOUTH GLOBE’s show on stage. During the celebration of German Unity Day “Tag der Deutschen Einheit”, the moderators Vanessa Sieber and Christian Beyer presented YOUTH GLOBE Talents - music, dance, play as well as the football team accompanied by enthusiastic spectators. We thank every person who contributed to the YOUTH GLOBEs show success. This event will be transmitted on YouTube: YOUTH GLOBE TV.

Live performance from our LMI partner Doris Slach

The LMI partner and initiator Doris Slach was a guest in the studio of W24 in Vienna to present the launching of the "100 Champions for Austria" initiative. In order to add to their contribution, they need: prospects in Austria at the Education InitiativeYou can contact Doris Slach via e-mail on: doris.slach@lmi-dach.com.

To view the video, click here

09/23/2016 - Start Event of the education initiative " 100 Champions for Austria "

The initiator and LMI partner Doris Slach and YOUTH GLOBE Ambassador Alex Knecht Berger invite you to the start event at the Palais Schönborn-Batthyány, race 4, 1010 Vienna. The event starts at 13h. This initiative will be presented to interested representatives / agents from companies, state institutions and associations, parents, young people between the age of 14 to 25 years for the purposes of facilitating their professional life.

Discussion on stage about integration on the 10.03.2016

An interesting discussion with Dr. Doris Meier Lemmer, commissioner for integration of Brandenburg and Dr. Katja Böhler, chairman of the Foundation partnership with Africa was held in the tent of the Foundation to celebrate the Day of German Unity in Dresden, Germany. On stage LMI was invited as provider of integration concepts and language courses. Yvonne Böhme represented LMI and participated in the round. In particular, she presented the course project "Language + Internship" for integration in the labour market. A group who fled from Potsdam as guests were also present in the tent. One of the refugees took part of the discussion on stage. Since this concept is now launched in Potsdam, the participants of Dresden expressed their positive feelings and opinions regarding their experience to the participants coming from Potsdam. Finally, we would like to thank the Foundation “Partnership with Africa” for their invitation, it was an exciting discussion.

A YOUTH GLOBE Festival will be taking place in the “Leipzig trade fair” in mid-2017.

A 2-day long festival will be organised. New acquaintances, some surprising ideas, exciting discussions about different aspects of life, enriching experiences and a party will take you on a tour around the world to explore different cultures and nationalities. This event is intended for participants who want to achieve more in life and enjoy life to the fullest. YOUTH GLOBE is planning the festival in mid 2017th.

Details are coming out soon, stay tuned.

End of July / beginning of August YOUTH GLOBE Summer Camp.

LMI celebrates its traditions by organising a Summer Camp. Young people between of 18 years and above will experience enriching days that will contribute to their personal development in Dresden. "The Making of a Champion " course focuses on; interesting workshops, exciting YOUTH GLOBE events including Champions Night, and a variety of excursions with unforgettable days. We are expecting participants from numerous countries. Accordingly, the courses and workshops are taught in English. However, we offer additional languages depending on the participants who desire a common language.

For more details about the camp click here.